We deal in antiques, collectables and decorations for several years, we provide a broad range of services, from the high end market antiques to more affordable works of art. However we always aim for the highest quality possible and our standard is the highest quality in what we deal with. We also provide additional services as framing, restorations of art&antiques, consulting with private clients, representing the clients interests at auctions, etc. We do offer numerous art & antiques & other collectibles on behalf on our clients, we offer the works at various places such as local and electronic auctions, international auctions, private sales, internet portals, internet gallery, etc.
Our main fields of interest are dealings in art&antiques, contemporary art, contemporary design furniture and watches. Our sales included original paintings by Salvador Dali, Andre Derain, Bernard Buffet and others. We deal with works of contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst. We also support a selection of young emerging artists with high potential. We also trade with period antiques such as paintings in style of the artist, sculptures and small decorative items. We specialize also in philately where we have a permanent offer of above 2000 stamps. All works we offer for sale are carefully selected to present the quality and style which can be recognized on an international level.

In order to purchase an item, or you would like to request a condition report or have any other questions about an item or question in general, please use the contact form which can be found under the details and description of each item. If you would like to purchase multiple items please use either the contact form under each item or contact us directly at email: info@fine-art-antiques.com or fineartantiques1@gmail.com with the items in which you are interested (product number can be found in the details of each listing, it is possible to use direct links also).

direct email contact: info@luxury-products.net, fineartantiques1@gmail.com